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Cora Woolsey

Founder and CEO of ArchaeoSoft

Postdoctoral Fellow at the Unviersity of New Brunswick (Faculty of Computer Science)

Instructor and Shop Steward at the Ville Cooperative

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About Cora

Cora Woolsey (PhD, RPA) is an archaeologist, inventor of STRATUM, and founder of ArchaeoSoft. Specializing in Indigenous ceramics from the Maritime Provinces of Canada and in archaeological data management, Cora has worked in academic, CRM, and regulatory archaeology. She received her PhD  in archaeology from McMaster University in 2018. She has been a Canada Vanier Research Scholar, a Research Fellow at the University of New Brunswick, and a Research Fellow at the Nova Scotia Museum. She has held two postdoctoral fellowships since graduating, in health technologies and computer science. She is passionate about bringing evidence-based methods in archaeology to the tools we use and providing greater access to archaeology for everyone.

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