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We know that archaeologists need solutions, not just more expensive tech. That's why we're doing it right the first time.


The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of STRATUM is currently in development with release slated for early 2022. This early version will be tested with several field crews to better design for on-the-ground conditions. With our expertise in UX design and archaeological data collection and management, we will use what we learn to create the most comprehensive field software available for archaeologists.


The MVP is being developed in partnership with Boreas Heritage Consulting, Colbr Consulting, and Archaeological Services of the Province of New Brunswick. The MVP is being developed with their support and is intended to be their main documentation tool during the 2022 field season.

Field work will be observed and project managers and field crew will be interviewed about their experiences. The results will be used to update the MVP for an early release version of STRATUM in 2023.

MVP Features

The MVP is intended to prove that field work can become more enjoyable, be conducted more efficiently, and collect higher quality of data. However, it will not demonstrate the full range of features intended for the commercial version. The MVP is therefore not for sale but can be demonstrated or tested for your team.

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