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ArchaeoSoft is committed to evidence-based design. We conduct studies to better understand the needs of our customers and of the people our products will effect. Please consider helping us serve our community better by choosing to participate in our studies.


Indigenous Perspectives on Archaeology

Do you identify as Indigenous? Are you involved in archaeology? We need your help!

We are doing a study on the perspectives and opinions of Indigenous communities involved in archaeology across Canada and the US. This will help us develop our archaeological software with Indigenous concerns and interests in mind.

Preliminary report now available!

Archaeologists' Needs in Conducting Field Work

Are you an archaeologist? Do you believe we could improve our data collection practices in the field? If so, we need your help!

We are doing a study of field notes collection and the tools we use in the field, especially digital tools. Do you like using digital tools, or is it hard-core paper records for you? Do you have to use GPS against your will or should everything be so precise and easy to use?

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