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Mobile Field Tool for Archaeologists


About Us

Software by archaeologists for archaeologists.


STRATUM is a digital tool designed by archaeologists who understand the unique requirements of collecting archaeological data. We have experienced the pressures of archaeology as well as the frustrations of dealing with existing field tools that don't quite capture our range of needs. With backgrounds in CRM, academic, and government archaeology, our team has set out to create a software that brings together in one tool all the requirements for data collection.


From GPS tracking, mapping features and landforms, to recording depths quickly and accurately, to drawing and annotating, STRATUM increases data collection capabilities and quality while decreasing opportunities for user error.

You can count on decreased back-end hours with STRATUM's automatically generated reports, such as artifact and photo catalogues, and automatic updates to stakeholders customizable to each project.

STRATUM will eventually offer a suite of interfaces calibrated to your jurisdiction as well as plugins for a variety of specialized archaeological work such as underwater and Ground-Penetrating Radar applications.

But the story doesn't end there! We are committed to finding new ways to conduct archaeology that take full advantage of the technologies available to us.

From collections databases to research and reviewing solutions, we have experience in a wide range of data collection and management.

Our projects

Our History

February 2020

Prototype started

In early 2020, Dr. Cora Woolsey is hired as a postdoc at the University of New Brunswick. Her first priority: develop the prototype of STRATUM.

November 2020

First Field Test

The prototype is tried in the field for the first time. The project consists of archaeological monitoring on a building site in downtown Fredericton.


Our Projects

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Our Partners

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