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STRATUM - Early Adopter Package (Software download)

STRATUM - Early Adopter Package (Software download)


Once you have purchased your Early Adopter license, you can download the softare on your PC and Android.


Access the Android version here.

  • Tech Specs

    STRATUM can be used on Android and PC operating systems. For optimal results, tablets with a 10.4" screen, 32GB or more of storage, and 32GB or more of RAM are recommended. GPS can be automatically captured with Android systems but not PC. STRATUM can be downloaded onto any PC laptop or desktop to connect with the cloud-based database.


    Please be prepared for some lag and some bugs as we continue to develop the feature set. Send all issues to for repair and improvement.

  • Delivery

    This software is only available on or after March 31st. The file you will download today is a stand-in image. On March 31st, you will be sent a link to the software for download.


    Once you have downloaded the software, you can use it to create your account. Once your account is created, your subscription begins. You will have two full years from that date to use the doftware. After that time, if you want to continue, you will need to renew your license.

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